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We are a group of Rooming House tenants fighting for legal affordable homes in our neighborhoods in the City of Toronto.

Please support us by signing the online petition.

What is a Rooming House?

A rooming house is defined as a dwelling in which a number of individuals share the common facilities within that particular dwelling. This means that a single individual or more may rent a room  in a house, apartment or condo and be required to share the bathroom kitchen and other common living areas.

Why are Rooming Houses important?

Rooming houses provide Toronto’s most vulnerable citizens with the means to live in a semi- permanent dwelling other than that of a hostel or shelter. It is a form of affordable housing for those who have little to limited incomes. With the increase in the cost of living Rooming Houses provide one of the only safe alternatives for these individuals.

Who are in need of the Rooming


Rooming houses are used by people in all walks of life. In particular those most likely to use Rooming houses are Students, New Immigrants and those with Physical/Mental Disabilities. In particular these groups of people face the toughest times finding the necessary funds to rent even an apartment. According to one site the average rate to rent a bachelor apartment in Toronto is over $770 dollars while the average allowance for a single person on social assistance is around $300.


Currently there is not much research being done on Rooming houses. However, there are a number of city reports that support the increased presence of rooming houses.

Fight for Safe Housing: Rooming Houses in the Subrubs of Toronto




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